muriel paraboni

My work is created by chance and returns to it. My practice uses repetition, empty spaces, the collision of materials and the passage between supports as a means of provoke poetic accidents. Such unexpected events take the processes to abstract times and places, inhabited by metaphysical and existential questions, among which are the problems of language and perception, from inside and outside, from seeing and being seen, from how the visible world affects and is affected by us. But all this happens only in movement, in a process of work that is often physical and repetitive, which ends up breaking out in exhaustion. It is when preconceived ideas and unconscious clichés fall to the ground, allowing the work to reveal itself, making visible what has always been there, but which I could only not yet perceived.


nato in Brasile


University of Santa Maria (UFSM) – Master – Fine Arts – 2015-2017
University Feevale – Specialist – Visual Arts – Drawing, Painting and Installation – 2010-2012
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) – Specialist – Contemporary Theather – 2002-2003 • Escuela de Cine y Televisión de Cuba (EICTV) – Specialist – Film Direction – 2001-2002
University PUC-RS – Specialist – Film Production – 1999-2001
Unisinos University – Graduated – Communication and Arts – 1994-1998

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“In the text written by the artist for the first edition of his solo the exhibition ’Land’, Muriel Paraboni used as epigraph a phrase by Robert Smithson (1), an artist for whom land is, at the same time, the destination and matter of his works. Muriel chooses an excerpt from his writings that establishes a direct relationship between the most material (land, rock, stone, crystallizations, sand) and the most abstract (mind, thought, concept, reason). Thus, he warns us at the outset of one of the central problems of his work: the question of representation or, to put it another way, the relationship between what we see in his works and external reality. …”

The poetic strength of repetition: Muriel Paraboni’s Work
By Vera Beatriz Siqueira

VIR residenza maggio agosto 2020