francesca migone

The basis of my artistic research is an investigation aimed especially at the various dynamics that are linked to the transformation of a place, from a visual, political and sociological point of view. Starting from a broader analysis, the work can deal with situations of different complexity, limiting itself to simple objects, with attention to the methods of installation and the relationship between artefact, space and context. A particular fascination with textile materials often leads to analysis concerning fabric and clothing, as characterizing elements and interpretations of problems that may concern both the individual and the surrounding environment.


born in Genoa in 1989 lives and works in Genoa


2019 – 24 CFU Training Course for teaching Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts of Genoa
2017 – MFA in “Decoration”, Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts of Genoa

2015 – 2016 Weaving Course I-II level, Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts of Genoa, curated by Roberta Chioni
2014 – Academic year MFA in “Fashion Design” Bologna Academy of Fine Arts

2012 – BFA in “Decoration”, Ligurian Accademy of Fine Arts of Genoa

2008 – High school leaving qualification in Clothing and Fashion Technician with professional qualification certificate Costume Designer

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